S O N A R

A young woman detects an unusual sound late at night and decides to investigate.


SARAH swims alone in a swimming pool late at night. The only sounds are those of her strokes and the gentle hum of the generator, until;

A sonar sound bursts through the night air to cause a power surge which plunges Sarah’s world into darkness.

As the sonar sound intensifies, Sarah realises it is coming from the deep end of the swimming pool. With a deep breath, she dives down to investigate…


The film shot for two days in Suffolk and Hampshire, in two of the most ambitious locations we have ever secured for a shoot. This included an extensive outdoor night shoot.

Sonar is now in post-production in Los Angeles, Bari, Denver, London, and San Francisco.


The film will be released across the festival circuit later this year.

Director: James Hughes
Writer: Eleonora Mignoli
Format: Short Film
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Shot on: Red Gemini 5K / Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K
Lenses: Sigma Primes
Ratio: 2:40:1
Length: 7 Minutes