I N  D E V E L O P M E N T


A man regales his peculiar obsession with chairs to his new psychiatrist


Chairs are everywhere. We cannot avoid them. Everywhere we turn in society, there they are, in one form or another. So what if you were so obsessed with chairs that they were controlling your daily life? You couldn’t escape your condition in the world we now live in, because it is overcrowded with chairs.

This is the very affliction which JOEL JUDSON still suffers from in his mid-thirties.

So one night he decides to seek help, and becomes the last patient of the day for the mid-fifities psychiatrist, XAVIER ARMISTEAD.

As Joel regales his peculiar stories of his encounters with chairs, Xavier is drawn into a diagnosis that shocks him, and he knows he will never be the same again.



The search for the perfect shoot locations is currently underway, involving detailed talks with venues and organisations. This meticulous approach extends to the designs for the film’s mood boards, to encapsulate the aesthetic look of the film. These boards will be followed by the production storyboards to finalise the entire shoot of this comedy short film.

The casting and crewing of CHAIRS will follow in the New Year, for the four day shoot in Spring 2020.

Director: James Hughes
Format: Short Film
Genre: Comedy
Ratio: 2:35:1
Length: 15 Minutes

R E S T  S T O P

A short film based on Stephen King’s award-winning short story

Sunset Aperture have been granted the non-exclusive right by Stephen King, to adapt and direct his award-winning story into a short film. Originally published in Esquire Magazine it later appeared in his best-selling novel Just After Sunset.

Synopsis (written by Stephen King)

Author JOHN DYKSTRA, who writes under the pen name of RICK HARDIN, has had too much beer to drink at his mystery writer’s group meeting and desperately needs to find a rest stop on his return from Jacksonville to Sarasota. There is only one other car at the rest stop and he hears its occupants in the Ladies’ Room. It is a woman’s and a man’s voice he hears coming from the bathroom and clearly the sounds of domestic abuse. John Dykstra has to decide how, or even if, he will act to stop it.


After contacting Stephen’s office with his proposal, they were impressed to send Sunset Aperture the film contracts. These were recently signed and exchanged. This stylised film noir adaptation is now in development for a 2020 production.

Director: James Hughes
Format: Short Film
Genre: Thriller
Ratio: 2:35:1
Length: 10 Minutes